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Happy Now

The last week has been fun. I love to come here on my blog and focus on my joyous moments and appreciate them 🥲🤩. This year I was reunited with my family, if you been following my blog for awhile. Then you know last year. I spent it in Cincinnati away from my family with my daughter for Surgery. I can really say that … Read More Happy Now


Starting to wonder when did I get so tight to begin with. I feel pretty free now. Lately since I’ve choosen to become aware of my feelings. It seems to be a whole lot of things constantly manifesting. Showing me what vibes I am basically riding. I’ve honestly had both love, and some crappy feelings showing up. I’ve seen both grow fabulously in my … Read More Majestic

All that glitters Gold

Now that I’m writing again, it feels good, free and satisfying . I am in the most peaceful space ever now, My cup is overflowing and I’ve been milking it of course. Have you ever grown and just appreciated the trial so much? Because if you didn’t go through it you would’ve missed so much. In truly knowing who you are spiritually and as … Read More All that glitters Gold