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    http://www.facebook.com/100005218232130/posts/1631615043689088/ December recap 伐
  • I Am
    feeling emotion.. For the first time ever my spirit is calling the shots. I’m being more aware of my mind chatter/energy, which is so interesting how much better I feel when I embrace my mind chatter. I’ve been noticing my confidence coming in clear view, it wasn’t too easy as I was evolving… I cried, laughed, yelled and hugged. Each moment I realize can … Read More I Am
  • The NEW NEW
    Whats up loves, I missed it here my milking place. Where I can savor. Yessss. Blessings on blessings. Here i can appreciate me and the good in my life. I created this blog, as A space where I can come to. To express me. So I can continuously focus on whats actually going good for me and making a big deal about it. I … Read More The NEW NEW
  • Happy Now
    The last week has been fun. I love to come here on my blog and focus on my joyous moments and appreciate them 必予. This year I was reunited with my family, if you been following my blog for awhile. Then you know last year. I spent it in Cincinnati away from my family with my daughter for Surgery. I can really say that … Read More Happy Now
  • Majestic
    Starting to wonder when did I get so tight to begin with. I feel pretty free now. Lately since Ive choosen to become aware of my feelings. It seems to be a whole lot of things constantly manifesting. Showing me what vibes I am basically riding. Ive honestly had both love, and some crappy feelings showing up. Ive seen both grow fabulously in my … Read More Majestic

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