Thought of the Day

Appreciation and self-love are the most important tools that you could ever nurture. Appreciation of others, and the appreciation of yourself is the closest vibrational match to your Source Energy of anything that we’ve ever witnessed anywhere in the Universe.

β€” Abraham

Day 17 Update πŸ’•πŸ¦‹

I’m not sure how I want to start this so I’ll jump straight in. It’s 04/14/2019 Sunday. Approximately 10:30 p.m. I am currently chilling. A little tired from having the Longest fight ever with my self! I guess I was a little shocked to have some negative feelings pop up so strong today. As I did continue to listen to my heart, I’ve come to realize something. My body was used to this attitude!!! I realize I didn’t have much control as my anger comes in unconsciously. I really haven’t realized this and BOY IS IT HARD TO LOOK IN THE MIRROR! I’m trying to be open and honest about everything so follow me here..

I had a problem today where I got in some disputes. Since I’ve been paying attention to how I feel. I realized this anger was already there waiting for something to set her off. Mhmmm interesting.. I feel like Sunday’s I already prepare myself to be grouchy knowing monday is a new week.. so instead of listening to my heart and remembering who I am. I’ve been following this negative Nancy vibe and looking for unwanted things to fire me up!! This was my (aha moment) πŸ˜‚ ..

Okay so I realized I was doing this. It was very hard for me to fight the negative Nancy Vibe in the moment. I was very upset. The momentum in my upset energy was so strong. At about 9:00 πŸ•˜ I said okay “WHAT DO I WANT?” Why do I feel like this? I breathed and thought. I just want to feel good. I brushed my hair into a beautiful bun. Created a fun Top. Made dinner and fed my babies. After awhile of focusing on things I appreciate, I felt a bit better. I found me again. Now I’m laying down watching #KillingEve reruns relaxed.

After paying more attention to myself and caring how I feel. I realized that I want to change my beliefs about Sunday’s. I give myself permission to feel good, remember who I am. I am going to let my light shine no matter the darkness, the best I can. I’m going to remember to be kind to my heart mind and body.

I think we all are worthy and even if things are not going perfect or we are confused or mad. Just remember who you are. Remember you are a masterpiece made by unconditional love. All is well😘

I hope you all enjoyed this thank you for loveπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ

Day 16 PART 2 πŸ’•

Baby boys playing kick ball ⚽️

Saturday morning as soon as I woke up. I listened to my heart and remembered to think good thoughts so I laid there awhile. Til I thought about me eating breakfast.. lately I’ve been so busy with the kids I skip breakfast. I thought to myself ‘wouldn’t be nice being able to just eat and enjoy breakfast? This felt nice. I got up made me and my family some breakfast and cleaned the babies up.

By the time we were done it was noon and we were excited getting ready to go outside. Me and my sons were talking about how good the weather was. As they tied there shoes up. I stepped out side with my bf and seen my aunt. She was so excited to see me and I was excited to see her. I felt really present and excited. She said “I love you so much! You lost all your baby weight you look so good!” It was so sweet seeing her. Reminded of the little girl in me who loves her TT so much! LOL seriously so comforting we hugged and it was lovely 😊 .

Me my babies and my bf played outside for hours. We climbed a tree, played and played with bouncy balls. We went to get ice cream. We even seen some of our friends come by and it was awesome! I was showing Londyn to walk in her new walking shoes! Her little brother Ezekiel even help her throw her first ball! I’ve really realized how much I truly have. How much love God has truly blessed me with. Being with my family on a beautiful sunny day was the best Saturday a mother could ever have! I laughed, I played, I smiled and played and it was refreshing a gift really! I wish to feel good like this everyday and every second. When I’m sad or confused I will find this day again and remember the laughter and I will know who I am. I really am enjoying being kind to myself ❀️

Day 16 UPDATE πŸ’•

Today is 04/13/2019 ! It’s a absolutely fabulous Saturday night. Here I am at my keyboard typing with much joy, because I have so much to tell you guys!! No serious this challenge is BLOWING my mind. Funny to think you can come across something so simple and it’s amazing! Practicing Kindness to myself has been really really REALLY interesting.

Okay so Friday are usually my bumpy days in the evening when I find myself fighting to be in my boyfriends space. Literally me versus his friends. LOL. As I was going through the day I was listening to my heart being more present with my lovely babies it was amazing I had breakfast and lunch down and found so much energy listening to my heart and pumping myself up with good feelings and thoughts πŸ’­. Then the evening rolled around and he had to make some runs with the buddies. I felt tense like I had a lot to say, mostly a lot about why I didn’t want him to go. Then I remember feel for your heart. I heard it doing it’s pumping but much faster. I said what would Gods spirit do if he was with someone? I thought he’s an amazing dad, and boyfriend who cares for us dearly I should let him go, let him be true to his self enjoy his friends and see how you feel? I told myself yes. I’m going to remember who I am I can find things that feel good to me in my time to myself. My heart beat slowed… my thoughts began: I can feel good now. I’m amazing..I love time alone..I’m the best person to hang with.. oh you know my favorite show comes on tonight I love to get into that alone right? Oh don’t forget your favorite dinner your husband got you. Did you forget your kids are asleep on time? You have time to love yourself!

I mean seriously the good thoughts/feelings came rolling in! I hugged and kissed him good bye. Feeling strangely excited like a kid again, I put on a pretty robe grabbed my snacks flipped to datelines new episode and relaxed cracked open my wine and found my peace. After the show went off I thought wow these last few weeks I’ve been so mad at him for leaving I’ve been missing all my new episodes of my favorite show! I said I enjoy this I’ll do it again❀️ After sitting there a bit I sprung up grabbed my phone and started taking beautiful pictures of myself like some sort of magazine model and was very delighted doing so! I immediately sunt them I felt very confident which was different then usual. 5 minutes after I sunt the messages my husband was back on time. Faster then any weekend! I was satisfied. My heart was satisfied. All was well. ❀️


Practicing kindness to myself for 30 days

I appreciate you for joining me!

β€œDo you understand, that what you are creating, is YOU?

You are creating a more abundant you.
You are creating a you, with greater ease.
You are creating a you, with greater opportunity.
You are creating a you, with more opportunity for more fun.

ItΒ΄s YOU. 

At least that’s what I believe and the universe has been so kind enough to play with me here.

I was watching a video my friend sent me a couple weeks ago of a Man talking to a group of people. The Man In the video said something interesting that caught my attention. He said if you were to practice better feelings for 30 days that it would become your body’s home feeling. I thought now wouldn’t that be fun and refreshing to try? But I’ve noticed things these last 2 weeks that I thought would be fun to share. I have a good feeling mores to come..

So the first week was kind of strange I decided I would listen to my heart and my body. The way It felt and I realized that my heart speaks, sometimes… ALOT. I don’t know what this means yet. But as I listen more these couple of weeks it’s like I can get my heart aligned with my head. When I did this I felt more courageous. I found myself in a situation that would help me grow my skills that I would usually fear and push my way out of. Instead of doing this I felt my heart, I noticed it felt eager for fun and creativity it felt just right and then my body followed and I said yes to this opportunity not much thought involved. While on this new open path I received gifts and wonderful exploration and fun. That same night I thought about the days events and was smiling. I then remembered to check my heart it was beating and felt happy and trustful.

I’m looking forward to today and the next week as finding to appreciate things have become easy. Hopefully after these 30 days I can do another 30 days on and on….. Have a great day !πŸ¦‹