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I Am

feeling emotion.. For the first time ever my spirit is calling the shots. I’m being more aware of my mind chatter/energy, which is so interesting how much better I feel when I embrace my mind chatter. I’ve been noticing my confidence coming in clear view, it wasn’t too easy as I was evolving… I cried, laughed, yelled and hugged. Each moment I realize can … Read More I Am


What’s up loves, I missed it here my milking place. Where I can savor. Yessss. Blessings on blessings. Here i can appreciate me and the good in my life. I created this blog, as A space where I can come to. To express me. So I can continuously focus on what’s actually going good for me and making a big deal about it. I … Read More The NEW NEW

Happy Now

The last week has been fun. I love to come here on my blog and focus on my joyous moments and appreciate them 🥲🤩. This year I was reunited with my family, if you been following my blog for awhile. Then you know last year. I spent it in Cincinnati away from my family with my daughter for Surgery. I can really say that … Read More Happy Now


Starting to wonder when did I get so tight to begin with. I feel pretty free now. Lately since I’ve choosen to become aware of my feelings. It seems to be a whole lot of things constantly manifesting. Showing me what vibes I am basically riding. I’ve honestly had both love, and some crappy feelings showing up. I’ve seen both grow fabulously in my … Read More Majestic

Perfectly Splendid

Okay so joyful thursdayy hello!! Let’s just say I’m happy to find that a situation. I was having went just like I imagined it this week. Perfectly splendid 🙂 (side note) this is a new movie quote that’s stuck with me lol. Any ways. I was annoyed with someone in my business area of things. Until I remember she’s a reflection of what’s going … Read More Perfectly Splendid

New Views

Entertaining myself is funny, becoming my bestfriend is divine. I feel , I’ve found new ways to view myself. I’m talking with me more. Using my imagination instead of it using me.. I feel I should actually listen to me more, feel me more. I have found I have plenty to feel.. When I do listen to me. Plenty to express, plenty to create, … Read More New Views

I am love

Love yourself , imagine love happening for you now. Reach for feelings that feel good. Find yourself in a bliss, get lost in a bit. You are completely worthy to feel secure now. To feel Love. To feel joy. Feel them all now. Make them your daily feeling habits now! ❤ Lately I’ve been paying close attention to how I’m feeling. I’ve become aware … Read More I am love

All that glitters Gold

Now that I’m writing again, it feels good, free and satisfying . I am in the most peaceful space ever now, My cup is overflowing and I’ve been milking it of course. Have you ever grown and just appreciated the trial so much? Because if you didn’t go through it you would’ve missed so much. In truly knowing who you are spiritually and as … Read More All that glitters Gold

My Appreciation Toast

I am here typing again. My Joy my peace zone. Over the last 4 days I been a bit busy having to Travel between two cities and squeeze lots of family/Business into four days as I mentally prepare for Friday. My daughters Surgery is tomorrow. It has been a bumpy road. I have a lot of feelings flowing and overwhelming me. So now that … Read More My Appreciation Toast

Pain and how to feel better victoriously.

“Control your emotions” doesn’t mean “avoid your emotions.” Feel your shit, understand your shit, but don’t lose your shit. unknown At some point I legit just wish someone could walk up to all of us and go: “Hey here is a manual on how to handle your shit here on Earth…” Things could all be so simple. But then again that would probably just … Read More Pain and how to feel better victoriously.

Learning To Be.

My Last blog on here was about 6 months ago. I talked about the beautiful movie ‘Life Of Pi ‘ and his Journey with constant battles and his Tiger. Now here I am 6 months later on my own unique Journey. Isnt it so funny how the universe works? You for certain have to walk your talk. In the past 6 months life took … Read More Learning To Be.

Finding Your Light 💡

Last month I was watching a beautiful movie called “Life Of Pi” several years ago when I first seen it I was younger but the beauty of the images were so beautiful I still cried. Now watching it last month I fully understood the message. The young man in the movie is stuck on a boat with a fearsome bengal tiger. The series of … Read More Finding Your Light 💡