feeling emotion..

For the first time ever my spirit is calling the shots. I’m being more aware of my mind chatter/energy, which is so interesting how much better I feel when I embrace my mind chatter. I’ve been noticing my confidence coming in clear view, it wasn’t too easy as I was evolving… I cried, laughed, yelled and hugged. Each moment I realize can be something blissful if you allow it to be. If the moment was not exactly blissful I revise and thank it right away. It is a method I learned from my favorite Author. His name is Neville Goddard. He recommends if you have something unwanted in your experience to visualize and feel it to go the way you wanted it to go then let it go. I can not express enough how helpful this is. I’ve been focusing on creating good habits and revising helped me tremendously.

I also want to take a moment to talk about my friend who runs a Instagram blog called Treasure_in_ur_garden she is so amazing and I’m thankful for her. I read her blog first thing in the morning. Especially, when i don’t have time to meditate. The way she teaches and guides aligns with me so perfectly. So check her Instagram out everyone! Seriously!

Overall I’m seeming to wake up more and more on my journey. The new habits that I’m embracing and coming into my power has continuously open new doors for me and who knew all along they were right here inside of me the whole time?! You too hold this power! whatever you would like to experience in life is happening so take the time to embrace these feelings. Water them everyday for however long you choose too then let go you must do nothing else. Your job is to feel satisfied and let the universe do the rest. Yep that’s all. Now if you happen to have bad day or get angry etc. don’t get hung up on it you are human. Embrace that part of your life and let it go.. you have good to enjoy.. I told my mom that I hope in my next lifetime and journey I hope I don’t forget everything I’ve learned and become on my Journey. Then I had to remind myself how silly I was being, and that I’m alive NOW, i exist NOW and that’s all that matters! So again what do I want? How do i feel? its all here so embrace and enjoy! 🙂

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