What’s up loves, I missed it here my milking place. Where I can savor. Yessss. Blessings on blessings. Here i can appreciate me and the good in my life. I created this blog, as A space where I can come to. To express me. So I can continuously focus on what’s actually going good for me and making a big deal about it. I need more of that and I want to start doing it more mentally and here 💕. So first things first I am excited to share I am focusing on my healthy body. As well as Inner Health. The last time I was loving my Body I created a slimmer me and it’s been about 3 years I’ve maintained my beautiful body even when I was pregnant with my baby girl. My body was very healthy and went back to normal weight. I ate everything I wanted and craved grape juice right after birth… Here I am still in my lovely body. Now I have a new state I’ve introduced to myself. I am satisfied with this feeling. It has bought me many new expiernces with people and places, so far. Personally I’m over filled with anticipation as the universe delivers the best journey for me. This is so fun!

Beginning of my Journey

Currently my Journey ♥️

Also work is fun, I decided work was fun for me and I love tips. Plenty is very exciting to me. I can get used to that 😂. We also have fun Christmas everything at work right now. It has really helped bring me into alignment with the Christmas vibes! and now I’m ready to get wrapping paper etc. and just finish early. Also at my Job it’s mostly girls I work with and we are always laughing! I am truly thankful to get laugh everyday at work. Imagine all the good vibes I’ll receive back from that good feeling! ❤️

Another wonderful thing is Me and my Bestfriend has decided we are each Secret Santa this year and I’ve been having a ball putting together her gift. Being creative and I personally wish Christmas would hurry. I’m ready to vibe with my family and friends. I’m excited to see my kids faces to see the thoughtful gifts I picked for them this year. I look forward to enjoying a feast with my babies and seeing them have a wonderful experience. That’s my favorite part! I am cooking a nice Christmas dinner. I picked up my ham today and I still have plenty of ingredients left to whip up some cheese cakes. Also talking about food also has reminded me of another thing that has been going splendid. It is grocery shopping with my friends instead of going alone! Every month I go with my friend and it is just, A joyous time. Sometimes our friend comes too. Then 2 of our closest friends also works there so it’s really fun! I am so thankful ♥️🦋

What is one thing that you experienced today? or this week that felt good for you? Whatever it is focus your energy on that and really feel the abundance in it. Start making appreciation a new habit. This is also my Journey Currently. Good luck loves 😘


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