The last week has been fun. I love to come here on my blog and focus on my joyous moments and appreciate them 🥲🤩. This year I was reunited with my family, if you been following my blog for awhile. Then you know last year. I spent it in Cincinnati away from my family with my daughter for Surgery. I can really say that journey for us, helped mold me into the Splendid woman I am. It also help me see the power in my daughters journey here on Earth. I am so proud to be her Mommy ♥️. So this year in my wonderful home. We had Thanksgiving with my family. I so appreciated every single last bit of it. Such a relief and satisfaction feeling to be with your loved ones relaxing being yourself eating good food & laughing. One of my favorite joys of my world.

I’m starting to think about doing Sunday dinners at my house. So fun! I’ve noticed I’m good at cooking and want to do something fun with my family. Any new fun ideas manifest for you over the holidays so far? I’m excited this year like a kid again. Feeling playful and being creative with your ideas is always idea it’s when you feel good! That’s what it’s all about 😉

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