Okay so joyful thursdayy hello!! Let’s just say I’m happy to find that a situation. I was having went just like I imagined it this week. Perfectly splendid 🙂 (side note) this is a new movie quote that’s stuck with me lol. Any ways. I was annoyed with someone in my business area of things. Until I remember she’s a reflection of what’s going on inside of me. So I imagined us getting along well , secure and respectful. At first imagining it was uncomfortable it felt funny then it was natural. I stayed faithful to this new view. We were having fabulous conversations in my head. I seen her as God too, saluted her divinity and sent her love. The next time we interacted. Everything was great it’s been about a week now and everything is in order. Exactly how I wanted. The best part is the Peace. 😍

I remember I didn’t accept the fact that everyone was A reflection from what I am feeling inside. The more I denied it, the more I was showing up in everyone around me. It is true our inner work matters. We need to deal with ourselves before we can even think to judge others. It’s silly anyways because the person is you. God is everyone and everything. Even you ❤️

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