Month: November 2020


Starting to wonder when did I get so tight to begin with. I feel pretty free now. Lately since I’ve choosen to become aware of my feelings. It seems to be a whole lot of things constantly manifesting. Showing me what vibes I am basically riding. I’ve honestly had both love, and some crappy feelings showing up. I’ve seen both grow fabulously in my … Read More Majestic

Perfectly Splendid

Okay so joyful thursdayy hello!! Let’s just say I’m happy to find that a situation. I was having went just like I imagined it this week. Perfectly splendid 🙂 (side note) this is a new movie quote that’s stuck with me lol. Any ways. I was annoyed with someone in my business area of things. Until I remember she’s a reflection of what’s going … Read More Perfectly Splendid

New Views

Entertaining myself is funny, becoming my bestfriend is divine. I feel , I’ve found new ways to view myself. I’m talking with me more. Using my imagination instead of it using me.. I feel I should actually listen to me more, feel me more. I have found I have plenty to feel.. When I do listen to me. Plenty to express, plenty to create, … Read More New Views