I am here typing again. My Joy my peace zone. Over the last 4 days I been a bit busy having to Travel between two cities and squeeze lots of family/Business into four days as I mentally prepare for Friday. My daughters Surgery is tomorrow. It has been a bumpy road. I have a lot of feelings flowing and overwhelming me. So now that I feel a bit better. I will stop listen and find the things, I can appreciate now in my life. To help get me on and better path. So I can focus and just breathe.. When I don’t feel so great I like to list postive aspects that I can appreciate right now. To shift my feelings from feeling yucky and having a tight chest. To a lighter feeling. It doesn’t have to be long. Just go with your own flow. ( If you consider trying this on your own.) Good Luck 😘

Now here is My List:

First I want to appreciate God for being here with me now in this moment. I appreciate my steady breath and my beating heart. I appreciate the laughter and joy of my sons. I appreciate the well being of my daughter and how she lights up the room wherever she goes, right now on her Journey. I appreciate the love my sons give so freely. I appreciate the well being flowing to me and through me 24/7, even when I’m upset to realize it.

I appreciate my loving supporting friends. I appreciate the laughs they share with me when I need them most, The strong support and hugs they offer me with joy. I appreciate the gifts they give me. I appreciate the extra mile they go for me and my family. I appreciate my friends who have turned into much more then friends. They have become my family and I love every part of who they are! Thank you so much God, Universe and Spirit guides. As I have no clue where i would be without my Soul Mates ❤ I appreciate my family who have been here every step of the way for me. Loyal to love.

I appreciate the woman I have grown into. I appreciate finding my voice inside of me. I appreciate being a woman, I appreciate being a mom and experiencing life on a wonderful level. I appreciate being blessed to be looking for the perfect home, Thank you God for sending me such a nice lady working with me while I’m out of town! Thank you for all my God Moms help, it is so appreciated! I appreciate nice nurses, strangers and new friends on my journey. I appreciate new conversations that has helped me grow.

I appreciate me as person. I Appreciate the spirit in me. I appreciate the breath God has blew inside of me and still allows me to have. I appreciate free cups of coffee everyday. I appreciate new beautiful clothing. I appreciate my health. I appreciate my Journey. I appreciate still looking forward. I appreciate my peace of mind. I appreciate where I am, and it’s getting better and better everyday! ❤

“It is natural for you to anticipate happy outcomes. And it is natural for you to love. And it is natural for you to sing. And it is natural for you to play. It is natural for you to skip. It is natural for you to be joyful. It is natural for you to know Well-Being.”

Abraham Hicks

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