“Control your emotions” doesn’t mean “avoid your emotions.” Feel your shit, understand your shit, but don’t lose your shit.


Pain and how to feel better Victoriously.

At some point I legit just wish someone could walk up to all of us and go: “Hey here is a manual on how to handle your shit here on Earth…” Things could all be so simple. But then again that would probably just be way to easy, and we all would probably be really freaking lazy. Never expanding and learning life’s lessons. But hey it’s just a thought.. Today I just about completely lost my shit again and had to just breathe when receiving unwanted news from the Doctors. My sweet husband tried to comfort me… Lets just say in no way I am perfect. It hits different when you have a child in the hospital and professional people telling you plans they have. That are also important plans. Some of them happen to be plans that involve you leaving far from your children. Id say its completely normal to feel emotional. In any situation that is completely out of your comfort zone it is normal to feel very emotional. It means you want something and with God your ready to blossom, and Grow once we get out of our own way of course. Simply said its the doing part that counts. Its annoying to hear.. especially when your going through it. But a little part of you secretly knows God has a plan for you. In that very moment you got something from the situation you just wont know what it is yet, until you’ve Grown on your Journey. Try to focus on that to stay sane.

You have to fully commit to healing, you’ll understand that people really are just instruments in our lives to aide in our evolution. I am teaching myself to focus on the lesson not person or circumstances. Lets be real here though I Am constantly wondering, how can I get from here in this situation to where I want to be?! because God I am so tired. could I just rest today and maybe all next week too ? LOL. OKAY ANYWAYS… I am going to give myself, that permission to look in direction I want to be. I am going to speak in the direction I want to be. I am going to let my family support me. I am going to continue to Love my Family. Continue to laugh in Joy with my Husband. Drink my coffee and for goodness sake I am going to FEEL GOOD. Why?? Because I deserve It! My Children deserve it and somebody has to do it. So my children will know how to feel good. I am going to walk like I am blessed, because I am blessed. God knows me and I know him and together we will Cry, Focus, Grow, Evolve and Transform.

Is there a situation that seems impossible for you to bear with?? WELL I don’t have a manual for you.. but I am going to say. You have my permission to feel good anyways and be blessed and walk with your head high.✨

“When you’re on the path to releasing a particular pattern, internal narrative, or limiting belief, REMEMBER: The Magic is in the wild beautiful weird journey, not the destination.”

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