My Last blog on here was about 6 months ago. I talked about the beautiful movie ‘Life Of Pi ‘ and his Journey with constant battles and his Tiger. Now here I am 6 months later on my own unique Journey. Isnt it so funny how the universe works? You for certain have to walk your talk.

In the past 6 months life took a BIG change for me. Life has caused me to become completely uncomfortable and look my Tiger in his face. I’ve grown so much as a woman. Storm after storm I’ve found that each time it has revealed a new piece of Woman in me in unthinkable ways. If i never was pushed out of my comfort zone I would’ve missed them all and never changed.

So far on my Journey I’ve learned if someone turns on you. Its for the best its time to grow! In the end the sacrifices creates stronger bonds. You may not understand in the moment what the hell is going on BUT remember although you may not know NOW ,what it is, but you learned something from it. Once transformation is completed you will be delighted.

It seem through my storms I’ve received multiple things I’ve asked for from God and the Universe. Believe me I was confused.. still am a little bit? About why must one go through so much pain then receive the great news of what you want for yourself? I’ve learned from my personal experience, It is growing pains and once you make it through faith strong. You get to bury the old you. People start to recognize the NEW AND APPROVED you! They hear the growth in your voice. They feel the strong vibe in your presence. You will be in old places and recognize your growth you will think to yourself WOW my thought process is completely different then before! I am stronger and wiser and I know exactly where I want to go, I know I will get there, because my faith has been strengthened! God has been on this path with me and he will put me right where he wants me as proven multiple times! And in the end Just like on “Life Of Pi” your Tiger Vanishes and you continue on your Journey stronger in faith and ready for whats NEXT.

My Journey isn’t finished yet as I’ve reached my new growing experience. My hardest one yet. It is teaching me discipline in such a funny way. I am back to blogging now. I had a dream that expressed to me that I was needing to be creative and focus on something i love and brings me Joy. To not forget about myself. So here I am head strong and continuing on my Journey. Also one thing I’ve learned overall is, Everything is always working out for you 🙂 Just Breathe…

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