Last month I was watching a beautiful movie called “Life Of Pi” several years ago when I first seen it I was younger but the beauty of the images were so beautiful I still cried. Now watching it last month I fully understood the message.

The young man in the movie is stuck on a boat with a fearsome bengal tiger.

The series of events unfold, but at some point of time the young man is forced to face his fears and makes a connection with the tiger. At one point after the boy accepts his fear. The tiger leaves into the Jungle without saying goodbye to the young man, after they have gotten off the boat. The young man cries.. as the tiger left. I also cried and cried again this time but a stronger cry. Because I understood.

When traumatizing things happen to us, we let them take over us and become victims playing it over and over in our emotions.

It isn’t until we look at our pain/fears and feel them that we are able to release them. After you feel them and release them. Remember who you are and focus on what you want, which is always to feel good. Every problem, every item, every scary situation that you’ve ever experienced was because you to wanted something and that is to feel good. because you believe with better conditions it will make you feel good…. So feel good now and everything else will follow. It’s so simple it’s hard.. God wants our trust now He wants our appreciation now he wants our love now, because everything he is. Is now. You are the key πŸ”‘

Just be , let everything be. That’s the realest freedom. Then the tiger will dissolve right out of your life, no looking back πŸ….

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