As you all know my blog started from my pure heart. On my journey of finding love and joy in my life. But things are happening that I wasn’t expecting but as I go along. I am bought to more understanding.

This month has been refreshing. Til Monday, I had a practiced negative emotion going. The funny thing is I made it up. Since I’ve been paying attention more. I realized the feeling, I even tried to push it away, which made it stronger as I fell deeper and deeper. I created a big mess. I’m not going into detail because that’s not important.

Anyways during this spiral I was fully aware. I was practicing a thought effortlessly. The so called feeling I was having was because I wanted to force someone to do something. That I thought would please me. I was so determined. I spent my whole day doing this. All my effort and I still couldn’t get this person to do what I wanted! Whyyyy wouldn’t they just do what I wanted it would just be SO peaceful afterwards!! I kept telling myself. WRONG.

Anytime you want someone to do something to please you, make you happy, or adapt to your beliefs. Means that you need to feel the feelings that you are feeling. Realize what you are wanting from that person, you want from yourself. The world is always a reflection of yourself.

“The World In The Eye Of The Beholder.”

Okay since when we focus on a thought it creates a high vibration. That is hard to break if you don’t catch it. It took me The Day to truly forgive myself and offer compassion to myself. I was able to appreciate the person I believed was responsible for my emotions. I took responsibility and seen that I wanted to Love, Appreciate and Respect myself. I sat in this appreciation awhile, milking it. From this new perspective from Love, Appreciation, and Respect. I was able to understand that God has plenty of Love, Appreciation, and respect for me. I could see and feel it now that I was out of my own way. I made peace with myself and my connection to God. I appreciate that he will never Judge me. I appreciate knowing that through the hard time I launch my most strongest desires. That it is up to me to allow them in.

The only way to change an unwanted situation. Is to change you first. I am having fun and learning not taking it so hard on myself. Instead do the one thing everybody calls you crazy for. Love through your pain. Like Jesus did, God will guide you!

Oh and yes once I aligned with who I really am. Everything worked out for me! I’m not trying to control!! I am loving freely because I am a lover! and I am receiving the persons love freely. Once you align with Gods love, everything MUST match your new vibe. Please believe me God will never leave us. Sometimes we trick ourselves in believing so. Accepting negative b.s. even influenced by others not aligned. I am not perfect and neither are you. So don’t get down when life seems bad. It is not easy you will have bad days. But your heart will always remember at some point who you are. Don’t block it. For god will never stop flowing his love. For he knows everything you are and to become. I’m excited to see more unfold, now that I am loving freely!

“If you want to make the world a better place. Take a look at yourself , and then make a change”

–Michael Jackson

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