Okay then Friday I see you! Feeling fabulous treating me so well. So satisfying I’ll say. Hello my Vortex friends happy Friday to you all! IT IS officially April 19th the day before my birthday and I feel AMAZINGLY refreshed.

Man I can truly remember being 12 fantasizing about being 18 and what I’ll look like. It’s like I blinked and bam 22!! Now that I am actually here. I am so excited for many new opportunities and doors opening. Things to enjoy, experience and create in. I am ready.

The best gift I have received in my life ever are my kids. They are just so smart. They have counted down my birthday this week. Reminding everyday “mommy just 1 more day and you’ll be 22!” I just get so excited and amped and say “Yes! Yes it is thank you for remembering!” Honestly they are the best. My three little babies so sweet and growing. Admiring there mother in Joy. Excited to celebrate. I appreciate their love SO MUCH, I’m so lucky to have them here making my moments special.

My husband has been so exited as well. Gifting me with joy and gifts. I mean seriously all this love I get to dip in it’s absolutely wonderful. I just knew my birthday this year would be the best yet. The universe has done everything so perfectly and sweet. I feel so blessed. I look forward to picking up my birthday cake, with my brother tomorrow! I am 100% sure I’ve been in the Vortex all day rendezvousing in food, play, smiles and laughter. I’m loving this feeling my heart and mind gets. It’s so calming and peaceful. All my joy is natural and beautiful. I look forward to year 22 with love joy and passion!! All is well💜🦋

What Joy did you experience today?

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