Hello Wednesday April 17th!! Today was a wonderful cozy weekday. Instantly when I woke up this morning my mind begin to remember good feeling thoughts. I took it from there confirming how wonderful this morning was. That I was the perfect person to be here. Ready to create wonderful love choosing fun playful things!

That is what I did. I noticed alll the nature with my kids! This is slowly becoming a wonderful bonding time with them. Answering all of there wonderful questions about nature. They make me realize all that is. That I used to simply look over in my own swarm of thoughts. Now I am present in Joy sniffing smiling and laughing! I’m realizing my Kids are the least past to resistance of feeling Joy! I noticed 98% Of the time, they are in the Vortex!! I understand them more now that I just chill and relax. I see them how God sees them. I now truly understand why I can’t get them to stop doing something they REALLY want/want to do. Seriously my kids seem to be teaching me Joy and Love! Who would’ve known??!

I watched my babies laugh and pick flowers, weeds and sticks etc. At one point of time Ezekiel picked a flower for Londyn and she tried to eat it. That tickled us so much and gave us a great laugh! We really are enjoying our love much more. I really appreciate finding this challenge. It is the best thing I’ve ever done!

Today I don’t remember much bothering me. Everything I wanted came with ease. I even learned to get myself into the Vortex while doing my makeup today. It was wayyyy better then effort. Instead I choose to feel good and be playful about it. It’s was so much fun! As always! but much more yummy and satisfying❀️

My beautiful day was topped off by seeing the moon today with my husband. It was so big and bright and if you stared at it long enough you could see the details. It was nice and soothing sitting there. Feeling the love. As we played and laughed and chatted. All is well. What joyful experience did you have today? πŸ¦‹

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