Hellooooooo Tuesday April 16! Today has been sooo soothinggg and I have been glowingggg! Yes glowing LOL today I did my avocado face mask and it was my favorite I did on my face so far! I did my face mask like 5 hours ago and I’m STILL glowing. I loved my natural glow so much today. That I decided to wear my natural face with mascara and shaded brows, and lipgloss with my natural hair. I was feeling myself so much! I felt good and that’s was the exact feeling I was looking for!

I’ve been in alignment with my vibe so much today! Constantly in the Vortex Seeing 444, 888, 222. I see you guardian angels I see you!!🦋

So you may be wondering what is a Vortex? : The vortex is a term for alignment to Source energy (Or God, All that is etc.) Being in the Vortex means you’re at one with who you really are, you’re feeling fab,and in vibrational alignment to your desires.

If you feel good then that’s how you know you are in your Vortex or alignment with God being your True self💙 It’s so much more but you can message me if you want to know more. Here in this blog I’ll be talking about me and my experiences with my Vortex🦋

So today I really enjoyed the weather lately me and my baby boys have really taken interest in flowers, trees and how beautifully they have bloomed. It was very beautiful watching them bloom from the top window of our home. So it was very delightful going outside to see them everyday. We even have a patch of small blue flowers in our yard that we are waiting to transform into purple little tiny sweet pea flowers! I’m not going to lie, I didn’t used to really be a nature person but I’ve been noticing all its beauty around me and In a way I feel connected to it.❤️

I am currently riding off a fun exciting feeling. My birthday is 3 days away and this Queen will be 22! I really feel like my birthdays have been sneaking up on me since I was 19 but I am very excited! I have a good feeling this will be an amazing birthday!!!!🎂

Everyday as I wake up and listen to my heart and my mind. To make a decision to find something to appreciate and feel good about, I realized something.. God is in everything. In me in you, in the earth everything. We have no reason to feel embarrassed or discomfort about where we are at this stage of life. We are powerfully on our path. And you are just the beginning, the best part of your life.💙🦋🦋

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