I’m not sure how I want to start this so I’ll jump straight in. It’s 04/14/2019 Sunday. Approximately 10:30 p.m. I am currently chilling. A little tired from having the Longest fight ever with my self! I guess I was a little shocked to have some negative feelings pop up so strong today. As I did continue to listen to my heart, I’ve come to realize something. My body was used to this attitude!!! I realize I didn’t have much control as my anger comes in unconsciously. I really haven’t realized this and BOY IS IT HARD TO LOOK IN THE MIRROR! I’m trying to be open and honest about everything so follow me here..

I had a problem today where I got in some disputes. Since I’ve been paying attention to how I feel. I realized this anger was already there waiting for something to set her off. Mhmmm interesting.. I feel like Sunday’s I already prepare myself to be grouchy knowing monday is a new week.. so instead of listening to my heart and remembering who I am. I’ve been following this negative Nancy vibe and looking for unwanted things to fire me up!! This was my (aha moment) 😂 ..

Okay so I realized I was doing this. It was very hard for me to fight the negative Nancy Vibe in the moment. I was very upset. The momentum in my upset energy was so strong. At about 9:00 🕘 I said okay “WHAT DO I WANT?” Why do I feel like this? I breathed and thought. I just want to feel good. I brushed my hair into a beautiful bun. Created a fun Top. Made dinner and fed my babies. After awhile of focusing on things I appreciate, I felt a bit better. I found me again. Now I’m laying down watching #KillingEve reruns relaxed.

After paying more attention to myself and caring how I feel. I realized that I want to change my beliefs about Sunday’s. I give myself permission to feel good, remember who I am. I am going to let my light shine no matter the darkness, the best I can. I’m going to remember to be kind to my heart mind and body.

I think we all are worthy and even if things are not going perfect or we are confused or mad. Just remember who you are. Remember you are a masterpiece made by unconditional love. All is well😘

I hope you all enjoyed this thank you for love💟💟💟

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