Baby boys playing kick ball ⚽️

Saturday morning as soon as I woke up. I listened to my heart and remembered to think good thoughts so I laid there awhile. Til I thought about me eating breakfast.. lately I’ve been so busy with the kids I skip breakfast. I thought to myself ‘wouldn’t be nice being able to just eat and enjoy breakfast? This felt nice. I got up made me and my family some breakfast and cleaned the babies up.

By the time we were done it was noon and we were excited getting ready to go outside. Me and my sons were talking about how good the weather was. As they tied there shoes up. I stepped out side with my bf and seen my aunt. She was so excited to see me and I was excited to see her. I felt really present and excited. She said “I love you so much! You lost all your baby weight you look so good!” It was so sweet seeing her. Reminded of the little girl in me who loves her TT so much! LOL seriously so comforting we hugged and it was lovely 😊 .

Me my babies and my bf played outside for hours. We climbed a tree, played and played with bouncy balls. We went to get ice cream. We even seen some of our friends come by and it was awesome! I was showing Londyn to walk in her new walking shoes! Her little brother Ezekiel even help her throw her first ball! I’ve really realized how much I truly have. How much love God has truly blessed me with. Being with my family on a beautiful sunny day was the best Saturday a mother could ever have! I laughed, I played, I smiled and played and it was refreshing a gift really! I wish to feel good like this everyday and every second. When I’m sad or confused I will find this day again and remember the laughter and I will know who I am. I really am enjoying being kind to myself ❤️

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