Day: April 14, 2019

Day 16 PART 2 ðŸ’•

Saturday morning as soon as I woke up. I listened to my heart and remembered to think good thoughts so I laid there awhile. Til I thought about me eating breakfast.. lately I’ve been so busy with the kids I skip breakfast. I thought to myself ‘wouldn’t be nice being able to just eat and enjoy breakfast? This felt nice. I got up made … Read More Day 16 PART 2 ðŸ’•

Day 16 UPDATE ðŸ’•

Today is 04/13/2019 ! It’s a absolutely fabulous Saturday night. Here I am at my keyboard typing with much joy, because I have so much to tell you guys!! No serious this challenge is BLOWING my mind. Funny to think you can come across something so simple and it’s amazing! Practicing Kindness to myself has been really really REALLY interesting. Okay so Friday are … Read More Day 16 UPDATE ðŸ’•