I appreciate you for joining me!

“Do you understand, that what you are creating, is YOU?

You are creating a more abundant you.
You are creating a you, with greater ease.
You are creating a you, with greater opportunity.
You are creating a you, with more opportunity for more fun.

It´s YOU. 

At least that’s what I believe and the universe has been so kind enough to play with me here.

I was watching a video my friend sent me a couple weeks ago of a Man talking to a group of people. The Man In the video said something interesting that caught my attention. He said if you were to practice better feelings for 30 days that it would become your body’s home feeling. I thought now wouldn’t that be fun and refreshing to try? But I’ve noticed things these last 2 weeks that I thought would be fun to share. I have a good feeling mores to come..

So the first week was kind of strange I decided I would listen to my heart and my body. The way It felt and I realized that my heart speaks, sometimes… ALOT. I don’t know what this means yet. But as I listen more these couple of weeks it’s like I can get my heart aligned with my head. When I did this I felt more courageous. I found myself in a situation that would help me grow my skills that I would usually fear and push my way out of. Instead of doing this I felt my heart, I noticed it felt eager for fun and creativity it felt just right and then my body followed and I said yes to this opportunity not much thought involved. While on this new open path I received gifts and wonderful exploration and fun. That same night I thought about the days events and was smiling. I then remembered to check my heart it was beating and felt happy and trustful.

I’m looking forward to today and the next week as finding to appreciate things have become easy. Hopefully after these 30 days I can do another 30 days on and on….. Have a great day !🦋

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