I Am

feeling emotion..

For the first time ever my spirit is calling the shots. I’m being more aware of my mind chatter/energy, which is so interesting how much better I feel when I embrace my mind chatter. I’ve been noticing my confidence coming in clear view, it wasn’t too easy as I was evolving… I cried, laughed, yelled and hugged. Each moment I realize can be something blissful if you allow it to be. If the moment was not exactly blissful I revise and thank it right away. It is a method I learned from my favorite Author. His name is Neville Goddard. He recommends if you have something unwanted in your experience to visualize and feel it to go the way you wanted it to go then let it go. I can not express enough how helpful this is. I’ve been focusing on creating good habits and revising helped me tremendously.

I also want to take a moment to talk about my friend who runs a Instagram blog called Treasure_in_ur_garden she is so amazing and I’m thankful for her. I read her blog first thing in the morning. Especially, when i don’t have time to meditate. The way she teaches and guides aligns with me so perfectly. So check her Instagram out everyone! Seriously!

Overall I’m seeming to wake up more and more on my journey. The new habits that I’m embracing and coming into my power has continuously open new doors for me and who knew all along they were right here inside of me the whole time?! You too hold this power! whatever you would like to experience in life is happening so take the time to embrace these feelings. Water them everyday for however long you choose too then let go you must do nothing else. Your job is to feel satisfied and let the universe do the rest. Yep that’s all. Now if you happen to have bad day or get angry etc. don’t get hung up on it you are human. Embrace that part of your life and let it go.. you have good to enjoy.. I told my mom that I hope in my next lifetime and journey I hope I don’t forget everything I’ve learned and become on my Journey. Then I had to remind myself how silly I was being, and that I’m alive NOW, i exist NOW and that’s all that matters! So again what do I want? How do i feel? its all here so embrace and enjoy! 🙂

Happy Now

The last week has been fun. I love to come here on my blog and focus on my joyous moments and appreciate them 🥲🤩. This year I was reunited with my family, if you been following my blog for awhile. Then you know last year. I spent it in Cincinnati away from my family with my daughter for Surgery. I can really say that journey for us, helped mold me into the Splendid woman I am. It also help me see the power in my daughters journey here on Earth. I am so proud to be her Mommy ♥️. So this year in my wonderful home. We had Thanksgiving with my family. I so appreciated every single last bit of it. Such a relief and satisfaction feeling to be with your loved ones relaxing being yourself eating good food & laughing. One of my favorite joys of my world.

I’m starting to think about doing Sunday dinners at my house. So fun! I’ve noticed I’m good at cooking and want to do something fun with my family. Any new fun ideas manifest for you over the holidays so far? I’m excited this year like a kid again. Feeling playful and being creative with your ideas is always idea it’s when you feel good! That’s what it’s all about 😉


Starting to wonder when did I get so tight to begin with. I feel pretty free now. Lately since I’ve choosen to become aware of my feelings. It seems to be a whole lot of things constantly manifesting. Showing me what vibes I am basically riding.

I’ve honestly had both love, and some crappy feelings showing up. I’ve seen both grow fabulously in my outer world. I don’t get much frustrated… Once something out of my alignment happens. I sort of sit there with myself. There was this one time I even asked myself “really??”. I take the time to accept these bad feelings that are me. Sometimes it takes a minute or more but I’m calm. I am becoming more aware. Always try to remember who you are. Divine!I even smile a bit, at myself, as I realize I was so fucking mad at myself 😂 It’s all me, what am I going to do about it? Am I going to let life play me? Or will I take my power back and play/create like the Divine Goddess I am 🙌🏽 I choose what I want my life, to feel and look like! because I say so. 😉


Practicing kindness to myself for 30 days

I appreciate you for joining me!

“Do you understand, that what you are creating, is YOU?

You are creating a more abundant you.
You are creating a you, with greater ease.
You are creating a you, with greater opportunity.
You are creating a you, with more opportunity for more fun.

It´s YOU. 

At least that’s what I believe and the universe has been so kind enough to play with me here.

I was watching a video my friend sent me a couple weeks ago of a Man talking to a group of people. The Man In the video said something interesting that caught my attention. He said if you were to practice better feelings for 30 days that it would become your body’s home feeling. I thought now wouldn’t that be fun and refreshing to try? But I’ve noticed things these last 2 weeks that I thought would be fun to share. I have a good feeling mores to come..

So the first week was kind of strange I decided I would listen to my heart and my body. The way It felt and I realized that my heart speaks, sometimes… ALOT. I don’t know what this means yet. But as I listen more these couple of weeks it’s like I can get my heart aligned with my head. When I did this I felt more courageous. I found myself in a situation that would help me grow my skills that I would usually fear and push my way out of. Instead of doing this I felt my heart, I noticed it felt eager for fun and creativity it felt just right and then my body followed and I said yes to this opportunity not much thought involved. While on this new open path I received gifts and wonderful exploration and fun. That same night I thought about the days events and was smiling. I then remembered to check my heart it was beating and felt happy and trustful.

I’m looking forward to today and the next week as finding to appreciate things have become easy. Hopefully after these 30 days I can do another 30 days on and on….. Have a great day !🦋


December recap 😍♥️



What’s up loves, I missed it here my milking place. Where I can savor. Yessss. Blessings on blessings. Here i can appreciate me and the good in my life. I created this blog, as A space where I can come to. To express me. So I can continuously focus on what’s actually going good for me and making a big deal about it. I need more of that and I want to start doing it more mentally and here 💕. So first things first I am excited to share I am focusing on my healthy body. As well as Inner Health. The last time I was loving my Body I created a slimmer me and it’s been about 3 years I’ve maintained my beautiful body even when I was pregnant with my baby girl. My body was very healthy and went back to normal weight. I ate everything I wanted and craved grape juice right after birth… Here I am still in my lovely body. Now I have a new state I’ve introduced to myself. I am satisfied with this feeling. It has bought me many new expiernces with people and places, so far. Personally I’m over filled with anticipation as the universe delivers the best journey for me. This is so fun!

Beginning of my Journey

Currently my Journey ♥️

Also work is fun, I decided work was fun for me and I love tips. Plenty is very exciting to me. I can get used to that 😂. We also have fun Christmas everything at work right now. It has really helped bring me into alignment with the Christmas vibes! and now I’m ready to get wrapping paper etc. and just finish early. Also at my Job it’s mostly girls I work with and we are always laughing! I am truly thankful to get laugh everyday at work. Imagine all the good vibes I’ll receive back from that good feeling! ❤️

Another wonderful thing is Me and my Bestfriend has decided we are each Secret Santa this year and I’ve been having a ball putting together her gift. Being creative and I personally wish Christmas would hurry. I’m ready to vibe with my family and friends. I’m excited to see my kids faces to see the thoughtful gifts I picked for them this year. I look forward to enjoying a feast with my babies and seeing them have a wonderful experience. That’s my favorite part! I am cooking a nice Christmas dinner. I picked up my ham today and I still have plenty of ingredients left to whip up some cheese cakes. Also talking about food also has reminded me of another thing that has been going splendid. It is grocery shopping with my friends instead of going alone! Every month I go with my friend and it is just, A joyous time. Sometimes our friend comes too. Then 2 of our closest friends also works there so it’s really fun! I am so thankful ♥️🦋

What is one thing that you experienced today? or this week that felt good for you? Whatever it is focus your energy on that and really feel the abundance in it. Start making appreciation a new habit. This is also my Journey Currently. Good luck loves 😘


Perfectly Splendid

Okay so joyful thursdayy hello!! Let’s just say I’m happy to find that a situation. I was having went just like I imagined it this week. Perfectly splendid 🙂 (side note) this is a new movie quote that’s stuck with me lol. Any ways. I was annoyed with someone in my business area of things. Until I remember she’s a reflection of what’s going on inside of me. So I imagined us getting along well , secure and respectful. At first imagining it was uncomfortable it felt funny then it was natural. I stayed faithful to this new view. We were having fabulous conversations in my head. I seen her as God too, saluted her divinity and sent her love. The next time we interacted. Everything was great it’s been about a week now and everything is in order. Exactly how I wanted. The best part is the Peace. 😍

I remember I didn’t accept the fact that everyone was A reflection from what I am feeling inside. The more I denied it, the more I was showing up in everyone around me. It is true our inner work matters. We need to deal with ourselves before we can even think to judge others. It’s silly anyways because the person is you. God is everyone and everything. Even you ❤️

New Views

Entertaining myself is funny, becoming my bestfriend is divine.

I feel , I’ve found new ways to view myself. I’m talking with me more. Using my imagination instead of it using me.. I feel I should actually listen to me more, feel me more. I have found I have plenty to feel.. When I do listen to me. Plenty to express, plenty to create, and plenty to be.

It’s all here now, and I feel good about that. Ive found joy in my being now. I’m an observer in my own space. I choose what I want. I choose love on my Journey. Feeling my falls and embracing them inside. They’re me. I Love me ❤️ Do you Love you??


I am love

Love yourself , imagine love happening for you now.

Reach for feelings that feel good. Find yourself in a bliss, get lost in a bit. You are completely worthy to feel secure now. To feel Love. To feel joy. Feel them all now. Make them your daily feeling habits now! ❤

Lately I’ve been paying close attention to how I’m feeling. I’ve become aware of alot. I’ve been becoming aware of my fears. I started loving my fear and all my ugly fears (inside) . After awhile I realized how freaking beautiful the ugly really is, and I get my energy back. I feel peace. I start to imagine the positive side of my fears, appreciating them. Imagining good satisfying things. What good are you imagining for your self today?? Only the best I hope! 😉

All that glitters Gold

Now that I’m writing again, it feels good, free and satisfying .

I am in the most peaceful space ever now, My cup is overflowing and I’ve been milking it of course.

Have you ever grown and just appreciated the trial so much? Because if you didn’t go through it you would’ve missed so much. In truly knowing who you are spiritually and as a person.

That is peace really.. knowing you. It is so strong it effects everyone around you, in seeing the truth.

Love, wellbeing and appreciation .. meaning anywhere you go is Holy Ground! because God Dwells inside of you! the breath you are breathing. What will you feel/do first knowing this? Don’t answer fast, just really think and feel on this one. 🙂

Fun fact

When the truth of your heart is in sync with the beliefs of your mind, everything will fall into place.

— Kathrin

My Appreciation Toast

I am here typing again. My Joy my peace zone. Over the last 4 days I been a bit busy having to Travel between two cities and squeeze lots of family/Business into four days as I mentally prepare for Friday. My daughters Surgery is tomorrow. It has been a bumpy road. I have a lot of feelings flowing and overwhelming me. So now that I feel a bit better. I will stop listen and find the things, I can appreciate now in my life. To help get me on and better path. So I can focus and just breathe.. When I don’t feel so great I like to list postive aspects that I can appreciate right now. To shift my feelings from feeling yucky and having a tight chest. To a lighter feeling. It doesn’t have to be long. Just go with your own flow. ( If you consider trying this on your own.) Good Luck 😘

Now here is My List:

First I want to appreciate God for being here with me now in this moment. I appreciate my steady breath and my beating heart. I appreciate the laughter and joy of my sons. I appreciate the well being of my daughter and how she lights up the room wherever she goes, right now on her Journey. I appreciate the love my sons give so freely. I appreciate the well being flowing to me and through me 24/7, even when I’m upset to realize it.

I appreciate my loving supporting friends. I appreciate the laughs they share with me when I need them most, The strong support and hugs they offer me with joy. I appreciate the gifts they give me. I appreciate the extra mile they go for me and my family. I appreciate my friends who have turned into much more then friends. They have become my family and I love every part of who they are! Thank you so much God, Universe and Spirit guides. As I have no clue where i would be without my Soul Mates ❤ I appreciate my family who have been here every step of the way for me. Loyal to love.

I appreciate the woman I have grown into. I appreciate finding my voice inside of me. I appreciate being a woman, I appreciate being a mom and experiencing life on a wonderful level. I appreciate being blessed to be looking for the perfect home, Thank you God for sending me such a nice lady working with me while I’m out of town! Thank you for all my God Moms help, it is so appreciated! I appreciate nice nurses, strangers and new friends on my journey. I appreciate new conversations that has helped me grow.

I appreciate me as person. I Appreciate the spirit in me. I appreciate the breath God has blew inside of me and still allows me to have. I appreciate free cups of coffee everyday. I appreciate new beautiful clothing. I appreciate my health. I appreciate my Journey. I appreciate still looking forward. I appreciate my peace of mind. I appreciate where I am, and it’s getting better and better everyday! ❤

“It is natural for you to anticipate happy outcomes. And it is natural for you to love. And it is natural for you to sing. And it is natural for you to play. It is natural for you to skip. It is natural for you to be joyful. It is natural for you to know Well-Being.”

Abraham Hicks

Pain and how to feel better victoriously.

“Control your emotions” doesn’t mean “avoid your emotions.” Feel your shit, understand your shit, but don’t lose your shit.


Pain and how to feel better Victoriously.

At some point I legit just wish someone could walk up to all of us and go: “Hey here is a manual on how to handle your shit here on Earth…” Things could all be so simple. But then again that would probably just be way to easy, and we all would probably be really freaking lazy. Never expanding and learning life’s lessons. But hey it’s just a thought.. Today I just about completely lost my shit again and had to just breathe when receiving unwanted news from the Doctors. My sweet husband tried to comfort me… Lets just say in no way I am perfect. It hits different when you have a child in the hospital and professional people telling you plans they have. That are also important plans. Some of them happen to be plans that involve you leaving far from your children. Id say its completely normal to feel emotional. In any situation that is completely out of your comfort zone it is normal to feel very emotional. It means you want something and with God your ready to blossom, and Grow once we get out of our own way of course. Simply said its the doing part that counts. Its annoying to hear.. especially when your going through it. But a little part of you secretly knows God has a plan for you. In that very moment you got something from the situation you just wont know what it is yet, until you’ve Grown on your Journey. Try to focus on that to stay sane.

You have to fully commit to healing, you’ll understand that people really are just instruments in our lives to aide in our evolution. I am teaching myself to focus on the lesson not person or circumstances. Lets be real here though I Am constantly wondering, how can I get from here in this situation to where I want to be?! because God I am so tired. could I just rest today and maybe all next week too ? LOL. OKAY ANYWAYS… I am going to give myself, that permission to look in direction I want to be. I am going to speak in the direction I want to be. I am going to let my family support me. I am going to continue to Love my Family. Continue to laugh in Joy with my Husband. Drink my coffee and for goodness sake I am going to FEEL GOOD. Why?? Because I deserve It! My Children deserve it and somebody has to do it. So my children will know how to feel good. I am going to walk like I am blessed, because I am blessed. God knows me and I know him and together we will Cry, Focus, Grow, Evolve and Transform.

Is there a situation that seems impossible for you to bear with?? WELL I don’t have a manual for you.. but I am going to say. You have my permission to feel good anyways and be blessed and walk with your head high.✨

“When you’re on the path to releasing a particular pattern, internal narrative, or limiting belief, REMEMBER: The Magic is in the wild beautiful weird journey, not the destination.”